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Flossing, is it any good for you?

Flossing, is it any good for you?

9th Nov 2018
After the recent articles published in newspapers and on news channels over the last few days, Station Dental Practice would like to help you understand why we may advise you to floss.

You may notice that some of your family or friends use little brushes that fit between their teeth, others may use floss. Everyone one has a unique set of teeth, that means not everyone can use the same technique to ensure they are cleaning their whole mouth.

Daily cleaning between your teeth is essential for treating and preventing gum disease. Tooth brushing only reaches around 70 percent of tooth surfaces, so if you’re not regularly removing plaque from in between your teeth, bacteria starts to build up and can potentially cause problems.

You may notice that your dentist has recommended little brushes called interdental brushes which they have sized to the gaps between your teeth. If the interdental brushes are too large for your gaps they could cause harm and hurt, this means that floss is a great alternative to help you clean that last 30 percent.

So what’s the verdict?

Floss is a reasonable alternative to using the interdental brushes where relevant.

It is extremely important that you don’t misinterpret the information in the news and think that you only need to brush your teeth and never clean in between them. We would strongly urge you to follow what you are advised by your dentist or hygienist.