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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

9th Nov 2018
As we drink liquids like coffee, tea, and red wine or smoke a cigarette, a layer forms on top of the tooth. This layer can be removed to by your dentist and sometimes with good tooth brushing. However, over time as it penetrates deeper into the tooth no amount of brushing can remove it. Although these stains are completely harmless, they can look unpleasant and this is why many people seek tooth whitening treatments.

With illegal teeth whitening on the rise, our aim is to provide you with the best treatment available to stop you putting your health at risk by using unregistered products. Our promise to you is that we will only offer the highest quality products with the best value for money.

A variety of different tooth whitening treatments are available at Station Dental, to determine the most suitable treatment option for your needs we always provide a consultation with one of our clinicians! 
With wedding season coming up, why not look at getting a longer lasting treatment such as Boutique Whitening?

The at home whitening gel is designed for people who would prefer to have control over the whitening result. The gel releases oxygen free radicals (which whiten the teeth) over a longer period of time, due to its sustained release. This gradual approach will still give fantastic results, due the length of time the gel stays active.

When using a quality whitening gel, it would be wasted without a premium quality custom whitening tray. The tray material is rigid enough that it will hold the gel in place, but flexible enough that it offers comfort. All of the edges are carved on the model of your teeth. This keeps a tight seal between the tooth and the gum, therefore reducing irritation to the soft tissues.

  • Optimum performance
  • Fast results, which are visible in less than a week
  • PH Neutral
  • Viscous formula to eliminate wash out from saliva
  • In-built desensitiser
  • Water integrated gel to reduce dehydration
  • Sustained release formula
  • Amazing presentation

Take a look at our teeth whitening page for more information on the options available to you.