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Lips to Love

Lips to Love

9th Nov 2018
Pucker up! Lip fillers provide beautiful results and can give you the youthful, full lips you have always wanted. Treat yourself this valentines with the gift of that perfect pout and invest in fuller lips that can enhance your appearance. Whether you have had lip treatments in the past, or would like to explore your options, lip fillers are a good place to start. With bespoke treatments, safe methods, and fast results.

Benefits of Lip Filler Treatments

Subtle Results – You don’t want to show up to a romantic meal unrecognisable, but it can be nice to appear confident and refreshed! Lip fillers can help give you that effect.
Volume – Many people are now striving to achieve the full lip look with lipstick tricks. Forget spending hours in front of the mirror then worrying about smudges on your date. One treatment of dermal fillers will provide you with the lovely, full, kiss proof lips you desire.
Non-Permanent – If you don’t want to commit to a permanent change in appearance, dermal fillers could be perfect for you. They offer a non-invasive course of treatment. That means minimal down-time for recovery, individual results, and a gradual return to your previous appearance. Results can last from 6 to 12 months, with the option for follow-up appointments.
Dermal fillers can be used to target the lips, which are one of the first places many people experience a loss of volume and wrinkle development on the face. It is a non-surgical procedure where volume is added to the lips or face using anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr Helen Hughes can provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to help you make the best choices about the treatment you wish to receive.  Book your appointment today to receive a free, in-depth, facial analysis. Dr Helen Hughes will discuss her findings with you and advise you of your treatment options.

Book your consultation with Station Dental to find out if lip fillers are right for you. Call today on 01772 458855.