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Dental Implants

Implants At 71 Dental

71 Dental is pleased to offer dental implants, the most innovative way to replace single, multiple or entire arches of missing teeth. This advanced restorative technique can also be used to stabilise dentures and is extremely versatile. 

Implants are designed to replace the tooth root using a special device that is placed in the jawbone, where it will eventually bond with the body to create a secure base for crowns or dentures. Implants can replace one tooth, multiple teeth or be placed in a way that supports a bridge to replace a row, or even an arch of missing teeth. 

Teeth can be lost because of disease, injury or illness and avoiding their replacement can lead to multiple issues. Instead, by choosing implants you choose to maintain your smile, protect the jawbone and keep the function of your teeth, for complete confidence in how you talk, eat and smile. 

Why Choose Implants?

Implants are the most advanced way of replacing missing teeth currently available within dentistry. They are a premium treatment that has many benefits, including:

  • Secure and free from movement, which is a common issue with ill-fitting dentures 
  • Maintains the facial structure by preventing jawbone absorption
  • No issues with speaking or chewing, as can happen with dentures or missing teeth
  • Prevents the remaining natural teeth from moving and becoming misaligned
  • Implant crowns and dentures look and feel incredibly natural
  • A boost in confidence from the way the implants feel so secure, and look so aesthetically pleasing 
  • Can last a lifetime with appropriate care 

Your Implant Journey At 71 Dental

At 71 Dental we use something called the Straumann Implant System, which is a ground-breaking and trustworthy technique with exceptional results. 

When you visit us to discuss your implant treatment, the first step is a full consultation where we will first get to know you, your smile goals and answer any questions you may have. 

We will then check your oral health, bite, jawbone density, and potentially run some diagnostics that will help guide us further. 

A transparent and open treatment plan will then be discussed, including details of costs, timescales and other factors, so that you feel in full control of your treatment journey with us. 

It may be that at this stage you require some general dental treatment, or perhaps bone grafting to allow us to reach a stage where we can provide implant treatment with good confidence of success. 

Once we are ready to place your implants, your treatment journey with us will typically follow this sequence:

  1. You visit us for your procedure where you will be made comfortable with local anaesthetic and sedation, if that is something you have previously requested 
  2. The implant(s) are placed in a quick and painless minor surgical procedure 
  3. You’ll be given detailed aftercare instructions 
  4. You will spend a few months coming back for check-ups as the titanium metal implants bond with your jawbone
  5. Once the implants have fully healed we will add a support collar called an abutment, followed by your replacement teeth, or dentures 
  6. We will provide you with detailed advice on caring for your implants to ensure they remain healthy and in place for as long as possible 

If you are fed up with missing teeth and want to smile, laugh and eat again with confidence, please get in touch with the team at 71 Dental to discuss your options for the latest teeth implants. Your new smile journey is just a quick call away.

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