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General Dentistry

General Dental Care in Leyland

Here at 71 Dental we have a comprehensive selection of treatments to keep your smile healthy and looking great too.

With regular visits to our modern local clinic and good preventative care at-home, you can be comfortable and confident with your oral health. Prevention is the best way to minimise the risk of a range of issues like gum disease and dental decay. However, if there are any problems, we can diagnose and treat them quickly and efficiently.

Preventative Care At 71 Dental

We’re dedicated to helping our patients prevent common dental disease with regular examinations and hygienist visits. With our support you can avoid many common conditions that can be painful and are best treated quickly to prevent further pain and need for intervention. 

We strive to provide high-grade oral checks, diagnosis and education so that dental problems are avoided, and if they are present, they are quickly diagnosed and treated early. 

Thorough Check-ups For The Whole Family

We recommend that you come for a check-up every 6-12 months, depending on the advice from our dentists. 

During your visit we perform a thorough examination of your cheeks, gums, teeth, and the surrounding soft tissues. We’ll be looking out for signs of disease, damage or decay, as well as completing a visual check for signs of oral cancer and looking over current restorations to make sure they’re in good condition. 

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White & Amalgam Fillings

If there is a need for a tooth to be restored, we can add a filling, which is where we remove the dental decay and strengthen the tooth with amalgam (otherwise known as a silver filling). If you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing filling, particularly if the restoration is towards the front of the mouth, we can offer a cosmetic filling. This white material is often preferable for a tooth restoration because it blends into the natural smile much more than an amalgam filling. 

Quick, Effective Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental emergencies like painful infections or accidents need quick diagnosis and treatment.

71 Dental can provide you with swift pain relief whilst we assess the problem and then discuss a transparent treatment plan with you. With your say so, we will then get to work correcting the problem and getting you back to good oral health. 

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Sometimes extractions are necessary because the tooth cannot be saved. In the event this is the case, where possible, we will plan the extraction so that restoration treatment can follow, ensuring you’re never left with an incomplete smile.

When it comes to removing your tooth, we use the latest local anaesthetic techniques and equipment to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Once the tooth is cleanly removed, we will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to reduce the chances of infection and something called ‘dry socket’ so that the extraction site can heal as comfortably and quickly as possible.

Here at 71 Dental we strive to help you and your family avoid the need for treatment through comprehensive preventative care. However, where problems do arise, our team is on hand with a range of treatments to help get your oral health back on track. Please call us today on 01772 458855 to arrange your appointment.

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